Be careful with these sandals because you are going to wear them with socks

Ojito con estas sandalias porque vas a llevarlas con calcetines

Vegan and more comfortable than Birkenstocks. Your Honor, there are no more questions.

Vegan and more comfortable than Birkenstocks. Your Honor, there are no more questions.

Dear Birkenstocks ,
We have walked together for more than 5 years, you have taken me to wonderful places, we have challenged what is established here - you have to see how much it cost to upgrade them from tourist class - and there - oh Germans, how much you are missing by reserving them to be at home! We have traveled the world and made our way by walking but the time has come to take a break.
And yes, there are others.

Carrie Bradshaw said that it is so difficult to put yourself in the shoes of single New Yorkers that sometimes they need special ones. And the same thing happens with the digital nomad , that variety of self-employed person whose heading should include the category of explorer. They spend almost more hours on a plane than in the different parts of the planet where they settle and they know all the tricks to make their trip and stay as comfortable as possible. From which airports have the best services, to the best cafes or coworking spaces to work in different cities. So if someone who spends his life roaming tells you that he has found sandals more comfortable than Birkenstocks, it is enough to consider infidelity.

“The best sandals in the world,” says one of the Collage Vintage posts and judging by the use it gives to its multiple models, it really means it. Her Nomadic State of Mind accompanies her on all her trips, from Marrakech to the beach and back to the California desert.

The brand was created in 1969 by Chris Anderson who sold his first creations at music festivals in North Carolina. After a trip to Nicaragua, he taught a community with few resources to manufacture them under a fair trade structure that would finally reach an international dimension. In 2014 they began to be distributed in our country as Nómada Sandals, promoted under the label of vegan (made of rope with recycled propylene) and unisex.

And NOTE, they are cheaper than Birkenstocks (€58 compared to €60-70 for the classic German model), they can be easily put in the washing machine and although the material is designed not to cause friction, you can also wear them with socks . Why not? So far they have agreed with surfers, bloggers and campers from all over the world, we wouldn't be surprised if tourists were next because these sandals come with built-in infinite mileage.

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