Nomadic State Of Mind España


Practical information


Sandals made by hand from plastic waste

Our sandals are made in an artisan workshop located in an old coffee factory in Nicaragua. They are made solely and exclusively by hand, following a meticulous manufacturing process and under the Fair Trade system.

They are made of polypropylene rope that we obtain by transforming plastic waste deposited in seas and rivers. It is a consistent material, durable and very pleasant to the touch.

The Nomadic State of Mind are eco-sustainable, vegan, original and very comfortable sandals that also contribute to reducing the environmental impact.


Wash them in the washing machine and dry them in the sun

Nomadic State of Mind sandals are machine washable. Follow our recommendations and always wear them perfect. Remember to always wash them in the morning and taking advantage of a sunny day.


• Put the sandals in a mesh bag or a pillowcase.

• Wash them in the washing machine with cold water, maximum 30oC.

• Avoid the spin program.

• Dry them directly in the sun.

• Keep them for us if they are still damp.

• If they are very dirty, you can previously soak them with a few drops of tea tree oil.


Your more practical sandal with rubber sole

If you want your sandals to be even more durable, you can add an extra lightweight PVC sole. This accessory is totally optional, since the original polypropylene sole of the Nomadic is suitable for walking on any surface.

You can choose between a camel colored sole or a black one, depending on the shade that best matches your sandals.

The extra lightweight PVC sole adheres to the sandals using a 100% vegan vegetable glue.


Tips for choosing your new Nomadic

Our sandals usually cut a little bigger than usual. So we recommend that you follow the following instructions before choosing your size:

• If you have a conventional or narrow foot, we recommend one size less than your usual size.

• If you have a wide foot, we recommend your usual size.

• If you usually cut a number and ½, we recommend the smaller size. For example, if your size is 39.5, stick with a 39.

• If you choose the SLIP ON model, do not take these recommendations into account. This model carves in a conventional way.





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